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House Extensions are extremely versatile and relatively cost-effective.

With property prices in the Dublin area continually increasing these days the addition of an extension to an existing house is the most practical and inexpensive way to obtain additional living space short of moving house and the upheaval associated with that. A quality home renovation or extension by V.T. Building Services Ltd. will transform your home both inside and out into a comfortable, stylish and energy-efficient place in which to live. It also increases the value of your home.

A new house extension also provides a cost-effective alternative to moving, is considerably less inconvenient and of course ultimately adds to the value of your home leaving it much more family-friendly and overall a much better living environment for family members of all ages.

An extension to your house can be to the kitchen, dining room or sitting room for example. In many cases too adjacent existing rooms can simply be combined into single much larger open plan style living spaces resulting in greater comfort and versatility in your home without the need to increase its footprint.

Here at V.T. Building Services Ltd. we are glad to advise on the best type of house extension or room enlargement for your needs whether for single or two-storey extensions or for an extension to specific areas of your home such as to your kitchen, attic or garage or for that simpler room enlargement.

Remember also that, in addition to private dwellings, building extensions and room enlargements can also be undertaken for all other types of structures such as retail premises, offices and storage or sports buildings. All building extensions by V.T. Building Services Ltd. are undertaken to a high standard of finish and comply with local authority and general building regulations.

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