Julie in Dublin 18

A builder who cares about his projects and clients

After receiving a few quotes for our kitchen extension we decided to go with Vasile and his crew and I’m so glad we did. Vasile and his men are such great builders, very diligent, friendly, helpful and such hard workers. I have never seen anybody working at such a pace, most days they worked long hours with just the minimum of breaks. There was no standing around, they just work and get the job done. All of them were always really friendly and helpful whenever I asked for anything. 

Vasile came to the site daily, often multiple times and was always available to meet to discuss any questions or amendments. He always answered his phone or returned my phone calls within 20 minutes. Once we had a small emergency at 9.30pm, he took my phone call and offered straightaway to return to the house that night to check that everything was OK. I think what makes him stand out from the crowd is that he cares about his projects and clients. He goes the extra mile – every day – to make sure the client is happy. Our house is semi-detached and some days our neighbour had clients in the house, whenever that was the case he just asked the workers to keep any noise down.

Our building project was always on time, Vasile kept us informed on progress and when to book other contractors so that we didn’t have much waiting time in between installations. When we had any changes or additions to the original building plans, he was happy to implement them once they were approved by the architect. He was so easy to work with, always in touch with us and the engineer – a pleasure to work with.