Tim & Ciara in Blackrock, South Dublin

Renovation can be an easy and enjoyable experience

This was our second time doing a full refurbishment of a house. After our first renovation we had not had a pleasant experience with our builder and were apprehensive about taking on another project. However our second time out turned out to be a very easy and enjoyable experience with Vassi and team. 

We bought an 1960’s property that needed to be gutted and full renovation with a new 40sq open plan extension at the rear . 

After meeting with Vasi in December he reviewed the architect plans and was ready to start early January. 

From the very start working with Vasi we could see he was a fast mover, we could not get over after the first week how much Vassi and his team had done, and that speed did not stop throughout the whole build. 

We were expecting a baby and Vassi made it his goal to get us in for the new arrival, we didn’t think we would make it in but Vasi and his team worked every hour they could and they got us in 4 days before the baby was born and two weeks earlier than the schedule. 

Although Vasi works very quickly that does not mean you get any less on quality, it just means he knows exactly what he is doing and what needs to be done. His favourite answer when I asked him when does he expect the next stage of the build to be completed and he would reply “yesterday“.  

We are extremely happy with the job that was completed we have recommended Vassi to our friends who are doing building work. Anyone that has visited our house (unfortunately not that many during Covid) couldn’t get over the quality of the finish and how quickly we got into the house. 

We still have more work to do on the house in a year or two and looking forward to working with Vasi and team again. 

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