Extension and attic conversion in Dublin 18

Project time about 3 months

What was the plan?

This family wanted to add a downstairs rear-extension to the house to create an open plan kitchen sitting room, moving the utility room and adding two rooms and a bathroom in the attic.

The prep work

This project needed planning permission. We covered all floors in the house and removed windows and doors from the back of the house.

We did all needed demolition work.


We dug and poured the foundation at the back of the house, then laid the blockwork on the foundation, followed by insulation and 150mm concrete slab.

We then built up the extension exterior walls to reach roof level.

This was followed by the demolition of the existing back wall and fitting of a steel beam to support an opening for a large sliding door to the garden.

After we finished the blockwork, the structure of the roof was added including openings for two skylights.

We finished the roof with fibreglass.

About 4 weeks into the project our carpenter fitted all the partition and stud-work, prepared floors and did all the preparation work for the electrician and plumber.

In the meantime, we did the structure work in the dormer upstairs, removed a section of the roof, fitted steelwork necessary for an attic conversion, instructed by the engineer. We then built the blockwork, added a flat roof with a fibreglass finish.

We plastered the full outside and added fascia, soffits, gutters and downpipes.

ready for electrician & plumber

The electrician and plumber then came in to do their first fix, laying cables and pipes before plastering. They were in for about 3-4 days.

Windows, doors & plastering

This was followed by the window company coming in to measure windows and doors.

We then fitted plasterboards and skimmed all walls and ceilings, and plastered the outside with white sand-cement.

In the meantime, windows and doors were fitted.

ready for tiler & fittings

The tiler then tiled the bathroom. The carpenter fitted fire doors, skirting and wooden floors. The plumber and electrician came back to do the second part of their job, i.e. reinstall the heatpump and fitting lights.

We then added a patio area to the back of the house to create a comfortable seating and BBQ area.

Bringing furniture back into the new downstairs area

The client organised the kitchen company and a painter, who both came in then to do their work in August.

Furniture was brought back from storage and the family then moved back into their new comfortable home a few weeks later.

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